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Tachikawa High App : Kuroda, Yuumi by Riiahime Tachikawa High App : Kuroda, Yuumi by Riiahime
Update2: Changed her name, added more info.
Update: I added what she looks like without the sweater and eyepatch xD and an alternate hairstyle.
Lol, the bio seems crappy, i'll write a better one later, but right now I'm tired QAQ i'm gonna play sims 3))))

Name: Kuroda, Yuumi
Nickname: Yuu, Yuu-chan, Yuuchin, Umi, Cyclops and/or Ogre (by her brothers)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight but can experiment =w=
Age: 15 years old
Grade: 1st Grade
Dormitory: Sakuramachi
Voice Reference:…

:bulletred: Rock Music
:bulletred: Loose Clothing
:bulletred: Shoujo Mangas
:bulletred: Horror Movies and other creepy stuff
:bulletred: Roughhousing (only with her brothers though)
:bulletred: CHOCOLATES~
:bulletred: Cute eyepatches
:bulletred: Drawing (though she's not very good at it)
:bulletred: Cooking (she's very skilled with this one~)
:bulletred: Anything that has to do with Panda, Polar and Black Bear merchandises (ex. panda bear print clothing, stuff toy etc.)

:bulletblack: Insects (she likes creepy stuff like skulls and such but not creepy crawlies uck!)
:bulletblack: Strawberries and Cherries
:bulletblack: Being ordered around
:bulletblack: Being called a boy, tomboy.
:bulletblack: Her Hair
:bulletblack: Vegetable Juice
:bulletblack: Mean people


Despite her appearance now, Yuumi is very boyish. This is due to her living with four brothers and their single father. But she is trying her best to be more girly by reading fashion magazines and shoujo mangas. She's also very friendly around girls and treat them like princesses in hopes of maybe their girlyness would rub off on her. She used to be friendly and even competitive around boys but when she became curious about a thing called love, she became very awkward around them. For example when a boy shows her kindness, a corny romance movie about that boy and her would play inside her head causing her to blush intensely and giggle creepily.

Yuumi was born prematurely and the lack of oxygen caused her right eye to go blind and apparently it was affecting her left eye too causing her vision to become blurry . Because of this she was often teased by her classmates. This was when her father decided that maybe she should wear an eyepatch to make her look cool. And it worked all the kids liked her more and they even started pretending to be pirates and they made Yuumi their Captain.

Yuumi would often play with the boys and was even mistaken to be a boy herself. This was because of her appearance and behavior. She always wore lose clothing, mostly they were hand-me-downs from her brothers. And she always cut her hair short. She was very athletic, often playing soccer and baseball with guys, she was also very popular with the females, often receiving a lot of chocolate on valentines day. One day, when she was in fifth grade, the girls introduced shoujo mangas to her. And this caused her to change her point of view. She became obsessed with this thing called love, and often wondered if it would one day happen to her.

Junior High/Middle School
Yuumi was still the same as always, loose clothing and short hair, but this time she dyed her hair. She became a fan of Rock and Roll and started learning to play the drums. All is well, most of her classmates from Elementary was still with her so it seemed like nothing really has changed much. Until, a male exchange student moved into their school. And even though it was her first time seeing that guy, it was love at first sight for Yuumi. She panicked, never did she think this day would come, never did she think that she would pay so much attention to how she looked. But to catch his eye, Yuumi thought that she had to look as cute as possible. She asked help from the girls in her class and they were all willing to help her, it was Yuumi's first love afterall. They thought her how to put on make-up, told her to grow out her hair, and went and shopped for cute clothings for her. She went through a lot of training, and when the time came when she was ready to confess, she was REJECTED. Much to her brothers amusement. They said even if she put on make-up or wore cute clothes, she still looked like a boy.

Summer before entering Tachikawa High
Fed up with her brothers always reminding her of that tragic incident Yuumi thought of going to a boarding school where she could have time away from her crazy family. She went to a lot of cram schools just to get into Tachikawa High. And she's hoping to start fresh and make her high school debut!

Additional Info:
-She has four Brothers :
Masato (23) - The eldest, works as a physician and helps their father pay for the family's expenses.
Ken and Shin (19) - The Twins, their father named them after his favorite character, they are ones who mostly teases Mei.
Kanata (12) - The youngest, very mature for his age. Often keeps to himself.

-Yuumi's parents are divorced and her Mom has a new family, but they still keep in touch.
-She's still growing out her hair.
-When she's about to cry, she switches her eyepatch to her left eye so that she can't see anything. (it's her way of hiding I suppose xD)
-she reads with a monocle. *snickers*
-Her hair dye used to to be Punk Pink with a Violent Red tip dye. But now it's slowly disappearing since she's growing her hair out.
-Descendant of a great samurai, she doesn't like to talk about history and such though.
-Her theme song :…


None at the Moment.
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Socin-shi Featured By Owner May 21, 2014
AMG dis babu :iconcannotevenplz: shes cute *7*....would you like to RP?
Riiahime Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it alright? I'm not even in the group yet :iconpapmingplz: ah but I'd love to rp!~
Socin-shi Featured By Owner May 22, 2014
Yuss if you'd put up with me *7*you'll totally get in anyway cos she's awesomewanted to be the first person to say hi to you and this cutie :iconhideplz:
Riiahime Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh eheehe thanks so much! You're too kind :iconblushuplz:
Then yes please! *o* how would you like to rp? Notes?Skype? Oh and I can do lit or script xD
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